10 Ways in which you can improve the number of the visitors that visit your website

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There are times when it may seem too hard to get a 100 more visitors to the articles you have and this may be frustrating when it takes place, specifically if you are new in the Internet marketing and you are not sure of what you may be doing wrong. This is why I want to help you by teaching you about the 10 Ways that you can use to bring visitors so that they can read your articles. This is not going to be like a masterclass which will draw on for a long period. It is meant to help you in getting 100 first visitors on your website easily and faster without using too much terminology. This is the first step and I hope that it can help you out. When you enjoy the post, you should then check other posts like the 14 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO SECURE YOUR WORDPRESS SITE .

1 Yahoo! Answers

Even if yahoo is losing when it comes to the search engine industry, it is still the best when it comes to the question and answer arena. People do ask many questions every day and this is for each niche and every industry that you are able to imagine. When you do a quick search for the Search engine optimization, you will be able to get over 1300 questions which may be answered. This is the key in driving a massive amount of the traffic by using Yahoo. Answers are meant to give helpful answers. Besides trying to create the blatant advertisement for the website, you should do your best to become the authority in the industry. This is the technique which may make you get more than a 100 visitors. If people use search engine to check if there are questions that have been answered on Yahoo. The answers results are going to appear near the results list. This means that you and the website will get enough exposure when you answer the generally asked questions.

2 Social Bookmarking

When you create the content which the people will be able to enjoy, it may become popular and also viral at once. What you need to do is to make sure that the content you have is put before the people who are interested in getting it. The social bookmarking is the best way that you are able to do this. The social bookmarking sites let the users bookmark the websites they like most and other people may view these articles and they can vote for them. When you bookmark the useful content, then other people are going to find it, then they will share it or vote it up and others will be able to read it. It takes less than 30 seconds to be able to bookmark the website.

The three most popular social bookmarking tools are Delicious, Reddit and Digg. The three sites get more than 8 million individual visitors every month. They are going to funnel enough traffic to the website and it can be done easily. What you have to remember is to make sure that your content is useful and that people will enjoy it. The contents which are the most popular on the social bookmarking sites are the Tools and resources, Top 10 lists or breaking news and others like them.

3 Squidoo

This is the website that has 100 percent of the content that it is generated by the users. The user can create what it is known as the lense and the lense is a page which has a specific topic that a user can choose to write on. This is most of the time the topic which the user has more knowledge about. After creating the lenses, the people may find it when they search using the keywords and the terms that are related to the lenses. You have to know that Squidoo is the powerhouse when it comes to the search engines. It is easy to rank the Squidoo lenses in order to get to the competitive terms and this is a challenge for the websites which do not have too much authority. When you create the lense by using the Squidoo, you will be able to get 2 opportunities for your traffic.

  • If people use the search engines and they search for the keywords that are related to the lenses, it will show up sometime in the top search results when it is relevant to search phrases. It means that you are able to get enough of the targeted traffic to the lense from the search engine that will come to your website.
  • Squidoo has a large number of active users in its community and they choose Squidoo if they want to get more knowledge about something. Now Squidoo is capable of getting over 8 million of unique visitors per month and the number continue to increase. When you create at least two lenses, it is going to be the right way that you can get more targeted traffic and you will not have to work for many hours.

4 Guest Blogging

Using guest blogging is going to be the best way that you will be able to get free traffic. What you need to do is writing the article. You can talk to the bloggers who are well known in your industry and request if they can be willing to let you write the blogs for them. There are many website owners who will not object when it comes to getting people writing costless content in their place. In case you face problem to find blog URLs where you can guest post, you may look to this domain www.myblogguest.com since there is a community list of the bloggers who are ready and who are now waiting to get the content that you have written.

If you wish you can also guest blog the the following website www.geekolive.com

5 Forum Posting

Nowadays there are many community forums that you can find online and they cover for most every niche in the industry and every topic that you are able to imagine. The internet is the first place where people who have the same mind may talk to one another. 9 times out of 10 times, you will be able to find the forum that deals with your industry. You only have to type on the forum.com or to search for the forum of your industry using Google.

You can find the forum in the industry that has the largest bases of the users and you can become an active member in that industry. There are many forums that will let you leave the link that goes to your website in the signature of your post. This means that if you are able to post more, then you will also get more traffic.

6 Twitter

Whenever you write the new content, it is going should be posted on twitter. When you use relevant keywords and make the tweets to be interesting, you will get the click through for the people who are doing the search. When you write an article about Google and SEO, you may tag at the end the tweet that says #SEO or #Google. When someone searches using these keywords on the Twitter, he will be able to see the tweet about the post that you have written. You have to make sure that you have used creative headlines for the posts so that the people will have the desire of clicking at them.

7 Facebook

It takes only 45 seconds to create a the facebook fan page and it has become a necessity now for any owner of the business. Taking into account that at least 1 in every 13 people in the world opened a facebook account, you should already be aware of the reason why you should be available on facebook. The tip is to ensure that you have created a fan page but not a group. The messages of the groups will not be found in the news feed and it can be hard to contact other members. When you make a fan page, you are going to get even more exposure for both the current members and the friends of your members.

8 Blog commenting

When you comment on the blogs posts that are written within the industry experts with enough followers, you will be able to bring the traffic to your website. If you post the comment which is allowed by the bloggers, you can still leave the link that goes back to your site so that the readers may check it out. If you are high in the comments, then your website will get more clicks. You can use Google Reader to set up the alerts when a new blog in your industry is published. When you find it, you should comment at once so that you can lock yourself in the first spot.

9 Article Marketing

When you promote the website through publishing the articles on different directories, it is not a new idea but it is the effective way that you are able to drive the traffic to your website. When you write the content and publish it at the websites like Article Dashboard, Article Base and Ezine Articles, the owners of the website are going to pick it up and they will post it again. This is the same idea as the guest blogging but here you only use one type of content that may reach to thousands of the website and blogs. The same rule is also used here, you should not be boring, you have to be interesting and creative and you should use the common keywords in the title and article so that the owners of the website will be able to find it.

10 Link bait

The idea of link bait is about creating the content which is excessively useful and also entertaining that every person will be willing to have a link to it. You have to put yourself in the place of the people you are targeting and decide on what you think that they will be happy with and what can be helpful to them. For example, you may have a tool that may automate the tedious process and you should find enough data that may make the interesting info graphic. You may check if you have a cheat or a checklist which may be handy to the audience. The possibilities do not end. You have to do the survey of the visitors and see what it is lacking or missing within the industry and make sure that you filled such gap.


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