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Reviews is complete system for reviewing products and services so user can have feedback about product / service they wish to purchase. You are able to create as many reviews as you want and to do make grades for as many criteria as you like. Once you publish the reviews users are able to give they feedback separately and to rate product / service by the same criteria you have used. Theme stores reviews separately of the user and author.


  • Author review
  • Unlimited grades
  • Unlimited content tabs
  • Gallery
  • Slider
  • User ratings
  • Mega Menu
  • Responsive
  • Two types of boxes
  • Widgets:
    • Recent posts
    • Recent comments
    • Top authors
    • Social networks
    • Newsletter subscription
    • Reviews
    • Reviews categories
    • Reviews banner
  • Page Templates:
    • Page with left sidebar
    • Page with right sidebar
    • Full width page
    • Contact page
    • All categories page
    • Register and login page
    • Recover password page
    • Search page
  • Google rich snippet
  • Advanced search
  • Social login
  • Home page slider
  • Shortcodes:
    • Accordion
    • Alert
    • Banner
    • Button
    • Categories list
    • Column
    • Gallery
    • Gap
    • Icon
    • Label
    • Latest blogs
    • Reviews for mega menu
    • Progress bar
    • Reviews
    • Row
    • Tabs
    • Title
    • Toggle
  • 600+ google fonts
  • Unlimited colors
  • MailChimp newsletter
  • Flat design
  • Organized options
  • Social share reviews and posts
  • Demo content included
  • Redux options
  • Detailed documentation
  • Easy user avatars
  • Easy table creation
  • Easy reviews management
  • Much more…

NOTICE: Images from demo are not included in the demo content, in place of them, placeholder image is being used ( same behaviour like demo images ) in order not to violate image license.

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WorkScout is a fully functioning job board Theme for WordPress developed with the popular free WordPress Plugin WP Job Manager.

It integrates beautifully and simply and can be extended with a few extensions and Plugins so that you can build your very own feature rich job marketplace!

Perfect for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office you can think of, WorkScout has been developed top down with WP Manager and their add-ons.

This means you can pick and choose which add-ons suits your needs with the knowledge that everything will run as smooth as silk, right from your WP admin dashboard.

WorkScout: Simple, elegant, extensive, professional.

Important: full demo functionality shown is only available with additional paid plugins.

Extend with add-on features you need

WP Job Manager

Work Scout has been Developed from the ground up to extend Mike Jolley’s WP Job Manager Plugin and all of its extensions.

Resume Manager

Developed for full compatibility with Resume Manager, empower your users to signup and upload their resume, or complete their own using our predefined resume submission form.

All of this is seamlessly integrated and managed via your WordPress admin.(Plugin sold separately)

Application Deadline

Further extend your functionality with Application Deadline – and give your users the tools to apply, review and manage job applications from your job dashboard. (Plugin sold separately)

Job Alerts

One for the user! This extension, Job Alerts, will allow any registered user to save their searches and manage alerts as new jobs become available. Users can select email daily, weekly or even fortnightly. (Plugin sold separately)


As a recruiter you often need a quick way to manage your lists. With the Bookmarks add-on you can take full use and simplicity of the bookmarking system. Add notes to those bookmarks and never lose track again. As a job hunter you can add bookmarks to jobs and as an employer you can add bookmarks to candidates resumes. (Plugin sold separately)

WC Paid Listings

Take your job network to the next level when you upgrade to WC Paid Listings. With this add-on you can create a full feature marketplace that includes eCommerce charging (paid listing functionality) for uploading jobs/resumes. Requires the WooCommerce plugin. (Plugin sold separately)

Visual Composer

Work Scout comes bundled with Visual Composer so Page Building has never been simpler or more flexible. All with a very familiar UX right from within your WP dashboard (Plugin bundled with purchase)

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider sets the benchmark for other Sliders to mimick, but you won’t need to worry about that as it comes complete with Work Scout (Plugin bundled with purchase)

Advanced filters for job listings

– provide a professional approach to Search for jobs.

Salary/Rate filter settings exclusive to Work Scout – not found in any other Job Board for WordPress, Work Scout has unique filters for Salaries and Rates making it much easier for candidates to Filter and find relevant job ads.

Mobile ready – developed with mobile in mind, Work Scout will work seamlessly across all of your mobile devices including Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile/Cell Phones. Every user will have that familiar experience using our user-centric custom designed styles.

Fully Responsive – developed using the latest coding and development techniques, so that you will never have to. Work Scout is designed with you in mind to be simple and familiar to use while boosting productivity by creating a system that ‘just works’.

The recommended plugins are designed to be used as required so you are not paying for anything you don’t need. The following plugins are developed with WorkScout and WP Job Manager.

Simply choose the ones you need, download and upload to your WordPress site, no messy coding needed.

Important: full demo functionality shown is only available with additional paid plugins. Here’s the list of all paid plugins – you can currently buy all of them in Core add-on bundle for just 125$ (instead of 357$ if you’d like to buy them separately)


This is WordPress conversion of WorkScout – Multi-Purpose eCommerce HTML Template by Vasterad

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Listable is a listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. Feel free to set your own goal and get your favourite spots listed online!

This is what LISTABLE is all about: offering the right thing, in the right place, right when you need it!

Required or Recommended Plugins:

  1. WP Job Manager (required /free) for General Listing Management
  2. WooCommerce (required / free) for Making Money
  3. Customify (free) for Styling and Customizations
  4. Comments Ratings (free)
  5. Category Icon (free)
  6. PixTypes (free)
  7. JetPack (free)

Premium Plugins Illustrated on Our Demo:

  • WooCommerce Bookings (optional): Offer a reservation feature.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (optional): Sell subscription based listing packages.
  • WP Job Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings (optional)
  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks (optional)
  • WP Job Manager – Tags (optional)

*Note that the theme doesn’t come bundled with any of those plugins. They are optional paid plugins that extend the site functionality.


All images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.


The current version is 1.0.0: Released on November 12th, 2015.

Click here to view the changelog

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November 16th, 2015 by superadmin

Classified Ads WordPress Theme – Classifieds

Classified Ads WordPress Theme is the most complete WordPress theme for classified ads. Built to be beautiful, fast and powerful. We made sure that anyone who visits it once will have no reason to look anywhere else.

With the simplicity of its extensive range of powerful features managing, navigating and using of Classified Ads WordPress Theme will be safe and satisfactory journey for you and your customers.

If you are looking for a Directory Listing WordPress theme that will offer no less than great user experience along with easy managing and searching, we can assure you that you are on the right place.

Searching and browsing things and services was never easier and we are sure that our hard work was payed off. Classified Ads WordPress Theme now is great looking, fast and reliable WordPress theme that will allow you and your customers to enjoy using it.

Together with PayPal, Stripe , Skrill, Bank Transfer, PayUMoney and iDeal payment methods is unbeatable solution to gain profit.

Submitting and managing ads is very simple process that is made more simpler by extensive testing and refining made in development phase. It is a matter of few clicks and your ads will be ready. Ads are manageable either from admin or user side.

Classified Ads WordPress Theme is in features that enables that every category can have their own custom fields. You can set up custom fields that will be only for that category, which will be enable sellers to be as precise as possible when they are describing their ads.

The way your customers will love the design and functionality with Google Geolocation search locations, in same time the Google and other search engines will love semantics and SEO that we put a lot of thought into. That, along with Yoast SEO plugin that is supported you should have no worries that you will be visible and reachable.

Main Release v1.0
+ Main Release

Images used in theme preview are not included in main downloadable item.

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Superlist – Directory WordPress Theme

Superlist is the result of several years of active development in
WordPress. Theme is trying to offer best directory experience with all
out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have complete directory

Plugins bundled in theme: Claims, Coupons,
Currencies, Directions, FAQ, Favorites, Google Map,
Invoices, Listing Slider, Mail Templates, Notifications,
Partners, PayPal, Pricing, Reviews, Statistics,
Stripe, Testimonials, Watchdogs

Theme has strong focus on code quality. Everything has its own plugin and proper
documentation. It is quite easy to modify theme or the plugin from the child theme
because everything is properly wrapped in action or filter hook. Experienced developers
will be happy to use the theme. With the good code is easier to create a great
and maintable product.

Prepackaged listing post types

Business, Car, Coupon, Dating, Education,
Event, Food & Drink, Hotel, Job, Pet,
Property, Shoppings, Travels,

Front end submission

Theme has front end submission system for authenicated users. What does it mean? Users can post their listings into
directory by logging in. They have full featured dashboad with the listings, profile and password managment. In their
dashboard they can manage other stuff too like search queries, favorites, invoices, trasactions, watchdogs and so on.
Users are able to see their listing views.

Important notes

  • Users can see their own images only.
  • Registered users have subscriber role.
  • Admin bar for subscribers is disabled.
  • There are no agent or company specific registrations.

Full Dashboard

Regular WordPress users afer sign in have an access to front end dashboard. It is not needed to access WordPress admin to manage listings,
check the transactions, print invoices or see the favorite and saved listings. Of course it is possible to to change the profile
information (password, profile, TAX information, social connections) from the dashboard as well.

Packages & Pricing

With the front end submission pricing and packages go hand in hand. You can create unlimited amount of packages
and then you can assign for how long they are valid, how many listings are users able to upload and the cost of the
package. From the pricing table you can link directly to package payment page. Packages offers the free and trial
versions so you can offer these great packages to your users too.

Important notes

  • No recurrent payments.

Transactions & Invoices

After successful payment, the system will create transaction backlog for checking the payment details. The unique
invoice is created too. Users are able to print the invoice from their dashboard. Administrator can set
starting number for invoice ID.

PayPal & Stripe & Wire Transfer

In theme there is native support of well known payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. You can use PayPal account or PayPal
credit card payments. There is wire transfer option too.

Important notes

  • Check if your country and currency is supported by PayPal.


By using statistics plugin you can now track all search queries in filters. You
can see how many searches per day has been executed, prices search, locations and categories.

Listing views are tracked too. In back end you can see the overall listing views for last two
weeks, 10 most popular listings and 10 most popular locations.

Important notes

  • If you are on cheap hosting, disable statistics plugin.
  • On front end theme displays only views number. Charts are not displayed on front end.


Superlist offers a way for publishing the coupons. Users are able to post their
own coupons on your directory website through the front end submission system. They
are able to set coupon location and category.

What you CAN do

  • Add coupons from front end.
  • Download and print coupon images/PDF.
  • Offer same coupon code for all.
  • Generate random codes for signed in users. You can set max number of codes here.

What you CAN NOT do

  • Monetize posting coupons.
  • Use coupons to purchase packages.
  • Sell coupons.


With the notification system your users will be always informed about their package status. Users will
never miss the package expiration. They can follow the listing lifecycle from initial submit to final publication.

Mail Templates

Prepackaged mail templates plugin allows to create custom mail templates which can be used e.g. in the notification
system. Do you want to add custom signature? No problem at all, just create new post linked to notification action and
create your own content.

Claim Listing

If your business is already in directory, you have an option to claim it. Click on “Claim Listing” and fill the form. Admin
will receive an email notification with your message. After that admin will get in touch with you and if everything is okay,
your claim will be approved.

Report Listing

Did you find something what does not pass the site’s terms and conditions? Click on report and send the message to site admin who
will be notified. Report will be stored in database so you will never loss user reports.

Google Map

With the map widget you can show all properties with the assigned GPS coordinates on the map. Widget has a lot of interesting
features like: limiting an amount of listings displaying listings from certain categories, current user geolcoation, display
filter, map filtering, show listings from current taxonomy term od archive page and so on.


  • Horizontal filter

Important notes

  • Theme implements only Google Map.
  • Listings must be stored in the database.

Listings Slider

With the listings slider you can display quite simple slider showing your listings. Slider is responsive and it
looks good on mobile devices. Everything what you need for that is to upload image for slider in listing and than enter listing ID in widget.

Listing Detail Banner

On listing detail you have several options how to present the listing. Theme has advanced Google Map support or you can
use image or video for presentation. List of available options for listing detail: featured image,
custom image, video, Google Map, Google Street View.

Video Cover

This times the video presentation is the must. Theme containct great widget for promoting your website by using video.
You can use mp4 or ogg format for the video with the custom title and text overlaying the presentation. If the device
does not support video, not a problem, it will load the default image if set.

Advanced Price Formatting & Multiple Currencies

Theme allows to set default currency with the advaced formatting options. You are able to set thousands and decimal
separators, currency code, currency symbol and so on. It is possible to define more that one currency which can user
change when needed. Exchange rates are fetched from third party API providers.

One Click Installation

With the one click installation you can get the same copy of our demo site. This is the great way how to bootstrap
your project and to get familiar with the theme and structure in the fast way. You can see our widget data,
customizer settings and all other settings. Please be aware that you will get only image placeholders instead of
original images. We reserve the right that some settings could be missing due the programming complexity.

Other significant features

  • Responsive layout
  • Wide/Boxed layout
  • Sticky/Fixed header
  • Extensive documentation
  • Child theme
  • FAQ, testimonials, pricing post types
  • Custom POI icons font family
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Sorting options for listings (price, title, popularity, rating, date)
  • Km and miles support for geolocation
  • Get directions
  • Google geocomplete
  • Dark/Light submenu
  • Prepared color combinations
  • Extended developer documentation
  • SASS for modular SCSS
  • Font Awesome integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Prepared gulpfile for SASS automatization
  • All strings are properly wrapped in translation function
  • Retina ready


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package.
  • All settings are in customizer.
  • All plugins used on our demo are free and bundled in the package on ThemeForest.


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CouponHut is modern and clean WordPress theme, created with great attention to detail to individualize and set you apart. Featuring an easy page builder, two tpes of deals (coupons and discounts), one click install and multitude of custom widgets so you can customize your site just the way you want to. Combined with a rating system and a fantastic options panel, CouponHut will be your first and last stop for coupons and deals theme.

Page Builder
Page Builder, Advanced Search, 1 Click Demo Donwload, Unlimited COlors, Two Types of Deals, Rating System, Free Updates

More Features

  • WordPress 4.3+ Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Extremely Easy to Setup
  • 1 Click Demo Install
  • SEO Optimized
  • Clean & Minimalistic Design
  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • WPML Support and Translation Ready – *.po and *.mo files included
  • Custom CSS Field
  • 2000+ Iconsmind Premium Icons
  • Threaded Post-Comments
  • Free Updates
  • Documentation & Theme Support

10 Page Templates

  • Browse Companies
  • Browse Deals
  • Browse Categories
  • Expiring Deals
  • Popular Deals
  • Front Page
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Full Width
  • Page With Sidebar
  • 10 Custom Widgets

    • Daily Deal
    • Deal Companies
    • Deal Categories
    • Deal Filter
    • Deal Search
    • Mailchimp
    • Image
    • Social
    • Recent Posts
    • Twitter

    Let the people do the talking

    Alona Review


    Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes. Send your questions via the Support tab of the theme. We’ll do everything I can to help, as far as it’s not connected with 3rd party plugins or modifications.

    Subsolar Designs Subscription

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    Price Compare – Price Comparison WordPress Theme is the most complete and thoroughly made solution for price comparison web businesses. It is highly optimized for fast performance and easy navigation.

    The most important thing that we thought of during creation of Price Compare WordPress theme was speed of the site because of big number of affiliates it might have and that will complement the beautiful eye catching design this theme has to offer. So current speed score is 92 – A+ which is great achievement.

    Modern design and lightspeed fast, together, are the perfect ground for extensive, non intrusive functionality that our theme comes with. Registering stores in few clicks, either from frontend or backend and automatic import of store feeds of already registered stores was never simpler. Behind that you’ll be able to use custom made users clicks analytics, that can be accessed at anytime and that will provide you with necessary insight on each store and product.

    Payments included with Compare Price theme should be more than enough to have whole world covered. No matter the country or region you may want to cover, with this theme you’ll be able to. Payments supported are:

    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Skrill
    • Ideal
    • Bank Transfer

    Your users will be able to take advantage of user friendly made categories mega menu overview, accompanied with advanced ajax search. Whether they come from mobile phones, tablets or desktop getting right at their desired product will be matter of seconds.

    Social networking and MailChimp subscription will allow you to spread the word, or any news to users with ease. The theme is, beside our thoughtful use of html tags and rules, also compatible Yoast SEO plugin. All of which will help your site better SEO and google indexing.

    Modern design and fully responsivness of the theme allows you to easily gain new users no matter the platform they access site from. Buying our theme, also means that you will be able to create unlimited homepage templates,create unlimited color variations, chose between more than 600 google fonts and take advantage of extensive theme options.

    You and your users can choose the way of displaying products, whether it is grid or list style, in one click you’ll be able to change it. Single product page comes with 3 variations to choose from along with full RTL support if you are coming from regions where it is used.

    Price Compare wordpress theme is built using Boostrap & Sass preprocessor, and with little knowledge of it you’ll be able to really personalize the site to complete suit your business.

    If you encounter any issue or possible bug, have no worries.
    Price Compare theme comes with extensive help file & dedicated support team.

    If you are satisfied with our theme and support please rate and follow!

    Functionality Features

    • Easy store managment
    • 5 different payment methods
    • Frontend store registration
    • Store registration
    • Easy import with cron job
    • Advanced ajax search
    • Import parsers for different affiliate networks
    • Users click track
    • Highly optimized site
    • Demo content included
    • Compatible with Yoast SEO plugin
    • Mega menu
    • Social networking
    • Mailchimp subscription
    • Custom slider
    • Custom pricing packages
    • Custom shortcodes
    • Custom widgets
    • And more…

    Design Features

    • Modern design
    • Fully responsive
    • RTL supported
    • Unlimited homepage templates
    • Single product multiple page variations
    • Product grid & list styles
    • Extensive theme options
    • Unlimited colors
    • 600+ google fonts
    • Built by boostrap & sass
    • PSD included
    • Child theme included
    • And more…

    Monetize – Make profit!
    Use the site to stand out, be fast, reliable & visible. Finally, earn from it.

    Responsive – Be reachable from every device
    Whatever devices your visitiors are using they will not have any problems fully enjoying website content in all its glory.

    Bullet-proof & lightening fast!
    Two things that you and your customers can always rely upon. Compare is fast and safe enjoyable ride for everyone.

    Premium Design – Stand out from crowd!
    Nothing can make you more prouder and attract more customers than beautifuly crafted premium design.

    Shortcodes – Edit content!
    The theme’s ease of use has become even more easier with smart integration of various shortcodes. Content editing comes down to selecting the one you wish to use and that’s it!

    Mega Menus – Navigate at ease!
    There’s no better way of displaying category navigation than mega menu. You can chose it’s size, columns and the categories you wish to display.

    Keyword Search – Search at will!
    Bothered by constant clicking and scrolling in searching for the right product? Just enter the keyword in the main search bar and in seconds you’ll be right on desired product.

    Slider – One slider for one category!
    You can create as many sliders as you wish and connect every one of them with different category.

    Registering Stores – From back-end!
    Back-end store registration, manipulation & analytics are at your service. Create new stores, edit old ones and track how each of them is performing.

    Front-End Store Registration – From front-end!
    Simple to use form with fully explained working system will allow your partners to connect, grow & monetize along with your business.

    Price Packages – Unlimited price packages!
    Make it easier for your customers and create as many custom price packages as you want.

    Payments – Pay from anywhere!
    Cover the world with fully integrated payment systems. PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, iDeal & Bank Transfer

    Import Affiliates – Keep the partners!
    Easy to import affiliates and profit from click throughs.

    SEO Optimized with YOAST – Be visible!
    Take advantage of google indexing with advanced SEO optimization and YOAST wp plugin.

    Translate Ready
    Ready for translation with .po & .mo files. Localize your site by making it multilingual

    Social Networking
    Promote your site using fully integrated social networking system.

    Mailchimp – Don’t wait for your customers!
    Create site promotions, newsletters and reach to your customers using integrated Mailchimp plugin.

    600 Google Fonts
    Make your site more personal by chosing one of more than 600 available google fonts.

    Extensive Help Docs
    Extensive documentation is at your disposal for any question or dilemma you might have. Everything, from setting up to fully running your site has been covered.

    One Click Demo – You like how we made it look?
    You are just one click away from making it look exactly the same as our demo.

    Dedicated Support – Have any questions and enquiries?
    Reach us on our dedicated support forum and our team will help you with that.

    Unlimited Home Pages – Want something different?
    something more personalized? You can create unlimited home pages. Make it look exactly how you imagine!

    PSD Included – Everything comes from great design!
    PSD premium design of compare theme is included.

    Child Theme – Preserve your changes.
    Child theme is included and you should have no worries will something be overrispanen after version upgrade.

    Click Stats – How my site performs?
    Don’t be in the dark, use them to your advantage and track every click for every product. 26. Bootstrap & SASS – Built by use of Booststrap & SASS modern technologies.

    Version 1.0.0
    + Main release

    Images used in theme preview are not included in main downloadable item.

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    Main Features

    • Features:
    • Visual Composer
    • Revolution Slider
    • WPML Supported
    • Advanced Theme Options
    • Google Fonts
    • RTL Supported
    • .po and .mo files included
    • Properties listing manager
    • 87% ranks in GTMetrix

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    ListingBuilder – WP Listings Directory Theme

    ListingBuilder is a complex and advanced listings responsive WordPress themes dedicated for listings which can go in a directory. There are so many features which make it probably the most universal listings directory theme on the market.

    Features Overview

    • Front-End Registration / Login Forms
    • Responsive and Mobile Ready
    • Paypal Integrated
    • Stripe Integrated
    • Claim Listing form
    • Advertising Spaces (2 spots – 300×250)
    • LayerSlider Inlcuded ($17)
    • VisualComposer ($33)
    • 11 Custom shortcodes (integrated in visual composer)
    • Front-End Ajax Login/Register/Reset Password
    • Register packages with more than 19 features.
    • MegaMenu
    • Faceted search
    • 4 Custom sidebar widgets
    • 17 custom page templates
    • 3 different pages for listing categories
    • 3 different pages for listing locations
    • Listing Tag index pages.
    • Unlimited color schemes
    • Google fonts
    • Contact Form 7
    • Gravity Forms
    • Ninja Forms
    • Admin Front-End Pending Review Listing System
    • Add to favourites system integrated
    • Compatible with MailChimp


    Latest Themes

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